Kim's Story

Kim and her two daughters were living in a homeless shelter when we met them. Major health issues kept Kim from being able to work, which eventually led to an eviction and homelessness for her family. In the midst of entering Network’s transitional housing program she faced surgery but was eager to heal, return to work, and get back on her feet. Early in the stages of recovery, and as Kim progressed with case management, she was dealt another blow. Kim’s mother passed away suddenly. Kim and her girls were very close to her and felt the loss deeply.

Thankfully, her church community has been a strong support throughout, because yet another challenge was coming. Just three months into Kim’s stay with Network, she was diagnosed with cancer. There was much discussion into how this affected her long-term stay with Network, and how we could support her as she approached yet another surgery, hopefully one that would remove all of the cancer. Not knowing when or if she could work, Kim and her two girls would be homeless again without Network’s help.

Fast forward three months after the surgery; Kim and her girls attended grief counseling, and Kim recovered and met regularly for case management. A few weeks later, we received the good news that the surgery was successful!

Health issues continue to cause difficulty and pain, however, Kim has been working full-time for several months and making significant progress toward her goals. We are thankful to have been alongside her in this journey of healing.