How can I help?

You can give your donations or your time and talents to help Network Tacoma and the people we serve. Visit our Contribute page for more information.

Crisis Intervention

Network Tacoma meets with families in their moments of greatest need and seeks to point them in a positive direction. Even if housing with Network is not an option, staff help families establish a positive plan, make referrals, and ensure that basic needs of food and clothing are attended to.

Transitional Housing

Network Tacoma partners with families who are seeking to establish employment, transportation, and childcare. Through weekly case management, Network supports families with financial counseling and accountability to coordinate the path back to self-sufficiency. In addition, Network assists families in acquiring necessary groceries, furniture, and household goods through various partnering agencies.

Long-term Housing

Network Tacoma provides long-term housing for families who are working hard but remain under a certain income threshold and are not able to afford stable housing in the area. Network is also open to families who have prior evictions and credit issues. With community support, we are able to offer below-market rental prices.