Fernando's Story

A local agency referred Fernando and his family to Network Tacoma when his wife had just given birth to their third child. Before living in the shelter, they had been living in their van with their twin girls and a little boy on the way. Their son was born with some physical disabilities which necessitated many trips to visit him at Seattle Children's Hospital. Fernando worked odd jobs whenever he was not with his son and family. Shortly after we met them, his family was able to move into one of Network's apartments, where they became an integral part of the community. However, after several months of living in a small apartment with a growing family, an opening came up in Network's single family home. Fernando and his family are thriving in their new home and continue relationships made with other Network families at other properties. Hear more from his family below: 

“Hi this is family Benitez-Munoz. I want to say thanks to Network for everything. Two years ago my life changed. I lived in the shelter and I didn’t have money, but me and my family prayed a lot and God sent me to Network. After this everything changed. Network helped me get an apartment first and find a job. I made a lot of new good friends. Thanks everyone, especially Mr. Robert, Mr. Greg, Annalea, Jessica, and everybody that works at Network. God bless a lot. Thanks.” - Fernando Benitez